Football Registration

Welcome to the 2024 football season with Greenwich Sports Club!

Registration Process

To play with GSC you must register on the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) Play Football site. Please have a credit card handy as payment is required at the time of registration.

Registration is age based and as you proceed the system will automatically select an age appropriate group. Team formation is then performed by the Club based on the number of registrations received for each age group and other factors such as any grading assessments.

Step 1 : Registration - Use one of the links below and click on “Get started”...

Click here for a GSC Junior Play Football Registration

Click here for a GSC Senior Play Football Registration

Click here for a GSC Manager/Coach/Volunteer Registration

Step 2 : Login to Play Football

New Football Account - If you didn't register last year, you will have to create a new Football Account. Create the Account using your email address (or Facebook or Google login if preferred). Note : A passport style photo is required for the match card.
A verification email is sent with a code number to verify the account.

Existing Football Account - If you registered last year you will already have a Football Account. You will have to use the same method of authentication i.e. email address, Facebook account or Google account, as you did last year.
Note : If your email address or social account has changed, you will have to contact the Play Football Support site to change your login details.

Step 3: Registering - you will now be able to register any of the linked family members on your account or signup new players. The "Product Select" window will only offer selections appropriate to your age (as at 1 January) and gender. For Junior players an Active Kids Voucher can be used to reduce the fees by $50.00.

IMPORTANT: Only make data changes demanded to phone numbers (remove spaces as needed) etc. DO NOT provide a Middle Name/Initial as doing so seems to create a new duplicate FFA number!

If you have any problems navigating the system or have a general question please :

What teams are GSC likely to have this year ?

  • Mixed Junior teams from age U06 to U18 (play Saturday morning or Friday nights for U18)
  • Girls teams from G08 to G20 (play Sunday morning)
  • MAA (Mens All Age), M35 and M45 (play Saturday/some Sunday afternoons)
  • Women’s All Age, W30, W45 (play Sunday afternoon)

The Club’s ability to form teams across each competition and age groups will depend on registrations received.

Registration Fees

For Football membership fees this season please click here.

For payment policies, please refer to the Club’s fee policy.

Other Information that might be helpful

We hope you enjoy a happy and successful year with Greenwich.

Have a great season!

The Committee of Greenwich Sports Club.