Womens Football

Whether you desire a fun social game, want to get/keep fit or thrive on a high level of competition, Greenwich Sports Club has a team for you!

The Club’s Womens O35A team has been amongst the top-ranked NSFA Division 1 Womens teams since 2012 - going on to represent the NSFA post-season in the NSW Champion of Champions tournament several times. Combined with the O35B and O35C teams, Greenwich has more women in the O35 competition than any other club. The Club introduced an All-Age team in 2013. So, the club truly has a place for any woman who is keen to play football and is actively recruiting women of all ages and abilities.

GSC is a member of the Northern Suburbs Football Association and women play on Sunday afternoons. If you would like further information about the program, please contact the club’s age group coordinator for the Womens program.

Birth Date Requirements

To determine which Age Group you qualify for, click here to see the current NSFA Birth Date Requirements. The All Age competition accepts women of any age. Otherwise, you may play in an older Age Group but may not play in a younger Age Group.

Player Selection to Age Groups/Team Selection and Grading

Due to the number of women players and diversity of skill levels, women’s teams are graded when multiple teams exist across our various age groups. The Club maintains a formal policy on player selection to age groups and team selection and grading. To review this policy, please click here.


Our women’s teams are fortunate to have had numerous quality coaches volunteer over the years. The Club is always interested in additional volunteer help with coaching. Register your interest and direct any coaching queries to coaching@greenwichsportsclub.com.au.


The team manager is responsible for organising the team and ensuring all players are aware of training and game times. The team manager also assists in the Club’s communications to players and parents. Team managers are also encouraged to arrange team social events during the season. Women’s team managers are typically selected from amongst the players once teams have been formed.

There will be a managers meeting before the start of the season where all necessary information from the Club will be provided.


Training is organised within each team individually and usually depends on the availability of the coach. Women’s teams typically practice one night per week at Bob Campbell Oval.


The Club provides jerseys which are kept by adult players from season to season. The first year a Football player registers they will receive a pair of Greenwich Sports Club uniform socks. Players provide their own boots, shin-pads and black shorts. For purchasing information click here.

Key Dates

Refer to the Calendar for competition dates and club social and other events.

Player Fees

For current membership fee and payment policies please click here.

Age Group Co-ordinators

The Women’s Age Group Co-ordinator has been nominated to assist with registration, field general enquiries and handle issues that are outside of the coach/manager’s areas of responsibility. To contact the Women’s Age Group Coordinator, please click here.


Online registration begins in mid January/early February each year—details are available by clicking here. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!