Junior (10 to 12 years) Netball

Girls turning 10 and older in the current calendar year will be playing Netball. You don’t need to have played NetSetGo in order to play Netball.

The relevant date for calculating the child’s age is 1 January for the current year. That means if your daughter is turning 10 sometime between 1 January and 31 December encompassing the current season, they will be eligible for the 10 year olds Netball team.

Girls can't play in a lower age division but it is possible to play in a higher age division. However the playing up rule does not apply where children turning 9 (or under) wish to play in the U10 Netball competition. The NSNA has determined that only children turning 10 in the calendar year can play Netball and that all younger players must continue in the NetSetGo competition.

If there are insufficient players to create a team in each age group, the players may be consolidated in one age group.

If your child is turning 7, 8 or 9 this current year, please refer to all NetSetGo details here.

What Age Groups do we have?

Depending on registrations, we aim to field teams in the following age groups:

  • 10 year olds
  • 11 year olds
  • 12 year olds

What are the player fees?

For current membership fee and payment policies please click here.

When and where are the games played?

Junior netball is played on Friday evenings. The earliest matches will be at 4.30pm (U10s), with the latest matches starting at 7pm.

Netball games are played at the courts located at Small Street, Willoughby just outside the Willoughby Leisure Park Centre. Please note that parking at the Willoughby courts is limited and families are encouraged to carpool or walk or ride to the courts where possible.

Games are not generally scheduled in the school holidays.


The Club provides a netball team shirt which is returned at the end of the season. Players provide their own black skirt, black netball knickers (smaller than bike shorts); non court marking sandshoes and white ankle socks. For safety reasons - no jewelery to be worn and nails must be cut.

How many players are in a team?

A team must have at least 8 and no more than 12 players in order to register. Eight or nine players is an ideal number to allow a good amount of game time while allowing for unavoidable absences.

Team Selection

The number of teams and their composition cannot be determined until after the registration period has ended. In age groups where there are more than one team, grading will be held shortly after the final registration date to allocate players of a similar level in a team together.

Greenwich Sports Club regards the grading process as being an important part of the season’s preparation. We have found that players who are not graded properly do not have as much fun playing as they otherwise could. Our emphasis in the junior age groups is very much on fun, but we also like to make sure the players are given every chance to improve their netball skills and to try to make sure they come back to netball year after year.

The Club maintains a formal policy on player selection to age groups and team selection and grading. To review that policy, please click here.

U11 and U12 players who have been selected to play for the NSNA's representative team will be allocated automatically to the highest graded Greenwich team in that age group and need not attend grading. Similarly players can opt to play in the lowest graded team for an age group, in which case they need not attend the grading day either.

Player Selection to Age Groups - order of preference

Many teams have a limit on player numbers and sometimes there will be more players than places available in an age group. In these circumstances, players will be allocated to age groups based on the criteria set forth in GSC’s Player Selection and Grading.

Your Team

After registrations have been finalised, the Netball Convenor will determine the teams and you will be advised via email of your child's team.

Each team will be required to source their own umpire, manager and coach. The success of your team will depend on your ability to fill these roles. For insurance purposes, the team cannot be registered without these roles being allocated.

The coach, manager and umpire can be a parent or sibling or a friend. We have had a few parents who have coached very successfully without any previous netball experience. The Club has a list of a small number of local high school students who are interested in umpiring or coaching, and can allocate these students to teams who are unable to source their own coach or umpire, depending on availability.

Please refer to Umpiring and Coaching & Development section for further information on eligibility requirements and training courses.

Junior teams usually train at Greenwich Public School. The Netball Convenor will advise of time slots available at both sites after team formation. Teams must discuss amongst themselves which training slots are the most suitable for the majority of the girls, although the coach's preference is usually the determining factor. A list of preferences for court times should then be provided to the Convenor, although we cannot guarantee that you will receive your preference. It is also possible for teams to hire evening timeslots at Willoughby Leisure Centre and the Netball Convenor will assist with this.

How Are The Teams Managed?

The manager role is usually taken by a parent for juniors and a player for seniors and encompasses the following:

  • Passing on communications to the team from the NSNA and GSC
  • Advising GSC of team officials and training preferences
  • Weekly updates to players re. game times and rostering
  • Management of team kit and the match equipment (match ball, bibs, first aid kit) and ensuring all players are in the appropriate uniform
  • Ensuring the team has an umpire for each game required
  • Ensuring the team collects the score sheet prior to the match and provides a scorer during the match, and that scoresheets are properly completed and returned at the end of the match
  • Ensuring parents and players act within the Code of Conduct and the NSNA's guidelines with respect to umpires
  • For NetSetGo managers, ensuring that the NSNA's rotation requirements are met during matches and during the season
  • Updating parents and players on wet weather cancellations for training and match days
  • Ensuring children are adequately supervised during training at Greenwich Public School


The Club is proud of the many people who volunteer to support our players in roles such as Manager, Coach, Umpire, and other support functions.

At the team level, we encourage you to note on your registration if you are interested in being a Coach, Manager or Referee. For Club level volunteer opportunities, please click here.

Key dates and important information notifications

Round 1 Competition is usually scheduled to commence the first Friday/Saturday of April.

The Club maintains a Calendar with important dates but the NSNA website is the definitive one, particularly for up-to-date wet weather notification and fixtures.


Online registration begins in mid January/early February each year—details are available by clicking here.

Any questions regarding your online registration please contact netball@greenwichsportsclub.com.au.

Finally, we wish you a great season. Your child will really enjoy the fitness, camaraderie and team spirit which comes from playing NetSetGo and Netball. Parents will enjoy meeting new families and sipping on a coffee which is available at the coffee cart at the courts! There is also a barbeque on Friday nights.

For any enquiries please contact the GSC Netball Convener: netball@greenwichsportsclub.com.au.

For other GSC contacts click here.

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